Seashell and Sand Wine Glass Candle Holders Set of 3

This is a set of 3 Wine glasses turned into Candle holders. Inside Wine glasses are colored sand and real seashells. The color blue in main pictures I am having trouble getting but I have other color options. See pictures. Update on colors- Some colors not available anymore or changed. I have light blue, dark blue, medium blue(which is mixture of light and dark blue), natural color, black, white, red, light turquoise and turquoise (which is a turquoise I created ). If wish for a different color then send me message I will see what I can do. The glasses have twine wrapped around them. This set comes with candles included. The candles also have twine around them. This set would make a nice beach centerpiece/decor. Would also be great for a beach wedding centerpiece. I can do any custom/occasion/holiday set, just message me. Candles are not attached. Glasses may vary slightly in shape and style. Sizes including candles-- Tallest approximately 12 inches tall. Medium and smallest approximately 10 inches tall. If you do get any broken items, I will send replacement at no charge. I get a lot of questions about how the sand and shells are held in the glasses. I will tell you there is a bottom which is sealed tight. And yes it does get messed up in the shipping but all you have to do is shake and swirl sand and shells around till the seashells come to the surface. It's kinda addictive.