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Delivery times will be longer than usual 35-60 day due to COVID-19 � Do you want to go on a VACATION but too worried your plants might die from DEHYDRATION? Or are you the type that you unintentionally OVER WATER your plants because you’re too afraid they’d dried up when you leave the house? Take all those worries away as this Automatic Plant Watering Device will TAKE CARE of your plant babies. And it can effectively recycle plastic bottles, reduce waste and protect the environment. �PLANT WATER FUNNEL is a device specially made for plant watering that has CONTROL VALVE that can control the DRIPPING SPEED of water from 0-60s/drip. The SUSTAINED RELEASE drip could last for ONE to FIFTEEN DAYS. How to use �Insert the valve controller into the plant waterer, drill some holes in the bottom of the suitable bottle or cut the tail of the bottle, and add some water to the bottle, put into the waterer spike. �Flip over the bottle and insert the watering spikes into the soil. Switch the valve until the correct flow of water. �You can also add water-soluble fertilizer to the water storage container and proportionally water to help the plant absorb nutrients more quickly and efficiently. �At the same time reduce the troubles of fertilization. Just ADJUST the valve to meet your need no need for COMPLICATED INSTRUCTIONS. It helps you SAVE TIME and WATER. It DOES NOT require any INSTALLATION process. You just NEED an EMPTY bottle to PARTNER with this product. Product Features �Adjustable valve: The flow rate can be controlled. The plant watering Device with control valve can control the dripping speed of 0-60s/drip, and the sustained release drip lasts for 1-15 days. Only adjust the valve to Meet your needs without complicated setup steps. Save time and water. �Simple and convenient: No tools are required for installation, just drill some holes in the bottom of the bottle or cut the tail of the bottle to keep the air flowing. Accurate water volume, provide different amounts of water for different plants and flowers, each plant is unique. �Widely Compatible: Suitable for brand bottles – Dr. Pepper bottle, Pepsi bottle, Coca-Cola bottle, Lipton bottle, Diet Coke bottle, Aquafina bottle or other 1. 1-inch inner diameter bottles. (Bottle not included)More healthy plants Enjoy your holiday with your family, leave your plants to me, self water your plants and vegetables, and make your plants thrive; �Recycle plastic bottles effectively: Reduce waste and protect the environment. Plant Self Watering Adjustable Stakes System 12Pcs/set Vacation Plant Waterer Self Automatic Watering Spikes Irrigation System Feature: You can set the corresponding flow according to the time you need, so you don't have to worry about the water being too fast or the hole being blocked. Transparent flow control,You can go from big to small, No dangerous trepanning and trouble preparing work, Just put inthe right bottle. Don't worry about controlling less traffic. Material: PP Size:long 18cm Simply fill a bottle with water, insert Plant-A-Bottle into the soil ,these plant watering spikes will keep your plants alive by delivering just the right amount of water to them preventing water overflow. Grow healthier plants by preventing over or under-watering. Product include: 12Pcs Automatic watering device