4 Paper Napkins Serviettes - Birds Family, Nest on the tree, Wild Nature Napkins Collection, Decoupage Paper Napkins, Scrap Booking Paper

BIRDS FAMILY , NEST - Serviettes, Scrap Booking Paper, UK napkins, Decoupage materials, CRAFTS SUPPLIES, LUNCH NAPKINS, BEAUTIFUL NAPKINS, BIRTHDAY NAPKINS ETC. This is listening for 4 single lunch napkins / serviettes. craft paper napkin, tissue serviette, crafts paper. Absolutely stunning design, beautiful piece of paper. Napkins **** Serviettes**** They are high quality, premium napkins. Perfect for any occasion, great for decoupage technique, collage, journalist, school projects etc. Size of each napkin: 13 inch x 13 inch, 3 ply. In centimetres: 33 cm x 33 cm. I have in my offer approx. 800 new napkins designs! All of them are brand new and very unique. Napkins for any occasion: Birthday napkins, Christmas napkins, Easter Napkins, Mother's Day Napkins... and much, much more.