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Was solltest du in Deutschland gesehen haben?

Was musst und solltest du in Deutschland unbedingt gesehen und erlebt haben? Hier findest du meine Deutschland Bucket List. Auch als PDF Download!


4th & 5th grade Jen Aranyi inspired Winter Landscapes

We're almost there folks! Just 1.5 days left until Christmas break!! The kids have actually been great, thanks to fun new projects like this one! I was scrolling through Instagram, Ahem... (I mean Collaborating with my fellow Ahht teachers) when I came across an awesome looking lesson inspired by the one and only, Cassie Stephens, and the ever so talented Art Room Britt. They had been doing the fabulous looking Jen Aranyi inspired landscapes with their classes, so naturally I had to try it with mine! Y'all....They have been turning out great, and they were so excited to try it. They loved watching the artist's time lapse videos, and we just amazed with her beautiful work! Here's how we created them! (How to draw videos are close to the end of the post, or you can click on this link) Materials: 9x12" Sax 90lb paper Crayola Artista II watercolors Big Kid's choice paintbrushes blue painter's tape pencils Fine point Sharpies Day 1: Introduce them to Jen Aranyi's work, show other 4th grade examples from Cassie Stephens' and Art Room Britt's page, and get to work! First we taped off our paper, and drew out our snowy landscape. Then we started adding details to our mountains, by adding lines! Then, we talked about how to make little trees in the background, so they look far away, and put bigger trees in the foreground to make them appear like they are larger and closer! btw, after they painted their sky, I sprinkled salt on their paint to create a neat texture. Here are some of my 4th graders, really hard at work! Stay tuned for some more awesome art! We loved this project so much, 5th is going to try it too! They'll be doing a different shape, but same concept! I made some videos this time, to show my students how to do it! I think they pay attention to me on YouTube better than actual me! Haha! Day 1: Students will tape their border, draw their mountains, and start painting their background. When I recorded this, my sky was already dry. I used liquid watercolors and salt. Here's some pics of the background. Here's a time lapse video of me drawing the trees Here's how you finish your art! “Lauren Stacey is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”


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Northern lights art Winter landscape Aurora borealis art Galaxy painting

Jun 21, 2020 - Cute Ideas For Valentines Day Nails With A Heart Design - #artdesign


104 Reasons Why Lapland Is The Most Magical Place To Celebrate Christmas

Whether you're a simple tourist or a professional photographer, Lapland is a truly magical place to visit. Not only is it the home of the starry skies and dazzling Northern Lights, but it's also home to Santa Claus and his reindeer - making Lapland the ultimate go-to winter destination.



Winter landscape by Cafieri. Oil on canvas. |

Paintings - Winter landscape by Cafieri. Oil on canvas. for sale in Johannesburg (ID:252286150)



A winter landscape in a glass. | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

For a minimalistic and Scandinavian christmas decoration I made this winter landscape in a glass. The best thing? It can stay until after the holidays!


Weihnachtskarte Schneekugel | Druck einer abstrakten Weihnachtskarte mit Winterlandschaft in ...

Weihnachtskarte Schneekugel | Druck einer abstrakten Weihnachtskarte mit Winterlandschaft in Weihnachtskugel , #abstrakten #Druck #einer #mit


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Dᴏɴ'ᴛ. Lɪᴇ. Tᴏ ᴍᴇ.

Winter in London


Husky Sledding through the forest in Finnish Lapland | Snow | Dogs | Winter landscape | Frozen | Rovaniemi | Sledding | Dream Wander Repeat


L' Île de La Réunion


Pflanzringe mal anders


Originelle Geldgeschenke zu Weihnachten verpacken

Geldgeschenk Keksglas als Winterlandschaft – Geldgeschenke zu Weihnachten basteln. Wenn du zu Weihnachten Geld verschenken willst, fehlt es oft an der passenden, kreativen Geschenkidee. Das Keksglas mit Gravur als kleiner Wegweiser ist ein perfektes Weihnachtsgeschenk, das durch sternförmig gefaltete Geldscheine zum Geldgeschenk umfunktioniert wird. Durch die persönliche Gravur und die Wegweiser mit persönlichen Zielen wird das Geschenk im Glas zu einem echt persönlichen Highlight. #Personello




Wintergrüße... Guten Abend ...

Wünsche dir ein schönen Abend...Liebe Grüße für dich...


Greta Hollar | Nashville, TN

Wanderlust - Amazingly beautiful landscapes of Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon in Iceland.




Vogelfütterung im Winter

Was eignet sich als Vogelfutter? Und welche Art bevorzugt welches Futter? Das Füttern von Vögeln im Winter ist nicht nur ein Naturerlebnis, sondern vermittelt obendrein Artenkenntnisse.


Nebelhorn Sunset

Explore Markus Trienke's photos on Flickr. Markus Trienke has uploaded 3249 photos to Flickr.


F&O Fabforgottennobility


46 Awesome Organization Hacks That Will Transform Your Bedroom

If you didn’t feel completely organized for back-to-school this year, don’t fret, you weren’t alone! It doesn’t matter if you were underprepared – or maybe even totally scrambling at the last minute – because these 10 awesome organization hacks for busy families will make you totally forget about all your shortcomings. And they might even make you …


Gastbeitrag: Winterfotografie Tipps - Fashionladyloves

Ab heute gibt es eine neue Kategorie auf meinem Blog. Mein Fashion-Fotograf Mathias wird in Zukunft in der Kategorie Photography-Tips, Gastbeiträge...


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landscape paintings Chinese-Landscape-Painting-Ideas


Download wallpapers for desktop with resolution x. High Quality HD pictures wallpapers

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